Recipes: Then and Now

Recipes from the past updated for today

A little background...

May 1, 2014

Many years ago I had the honor of writing a regular column for “The Broad Ripple Gazette”. I contributed “Recipes: Then And Now” for over 7 years on a twice a month basis. I am very proud of the work I did for my friends at the Gazette. I sometimes miss some of the aspects of writing for a periodical, but I have not missed the deadline!

While I stopped writing on a regular basis in 2010, I am still pleased with the work I had done. I learned a lot about cooking as well as photographing the finished product for the readers of the Gazette. So here I am wanting to write again. I really enjoyed the idea of taking an old recipe and updating it for use in our kitchens of today. So my plan is to continue with that idea as well as presenting to you the complete archive of my past articles from the Gazette. There were many ideas for more columns I left behind unexplored. So look for those new recipes. My hope is to publish twice a month. This will give me time to come up with something new or go back and reread an old column and revaluate it. (I may need to clean up errors, clarify anything confusing and update here and there.) So, who am I? My name is Doug Carpenter and I have been living in Indiana since late 1979. I am in my fifties and have been cooking for about 30 of those years. I have won ribbons at the Indiana State Fair for my culinary endeavors and helped to create more than one cook book for different charitable organizations.

And how to use these recipes... The format I will use is easy to follow. I start with some information about the recipe, its origins, a particular ingredient, or my past experience with it. Then I move on to the recipe itself. I will always begin with the recipe title followed immediately by a list of ingredients. Each ingredient will be listed in the order in which it will be used. If there is to be a step like chopping an onion I will include it with the ingredient list. Such as ‘½ cup chopped onion’. I will also try very hard to give specific measurements. Not a vague listing like ‘1 green pepper, chopped’. I will list it as ‘1 cup chopped green pepper’. I don’t like guessing about how much of an ingredient to use. With my recipes you won’t have to. I will be using standard American measures and temperatures. Such as ¾ cup, 2 teaspoons, and 350 degrees. I won’t be specifying the temperature as Fahrenheit as all these recipes will be based on that temperature scale. One thing you won’t see is the number of servings or nutritional value. So often when I try a new recipe it will list a number of servings and what I end up with will be very different. So I will leave it up to you to use your own judgement on that. As far as nutrition, many of these are very old recipes. They come from a time when calories were still a far off concept. Some of the recipes we really don’t want to know just how bad it is for us. Really we don’t.